About me

Hi sweetheart! I'm Filipa, I'm 19 years old and I live in Portugal. I'm an engineering student!

Life Dream: Do an interrail!

Favorite "things" : sister, family, friends, chocolate and tumblr!!

Things that I love to do: Traveling and Cooking

Relationship status: Looking for a tasty guy with a nice sense of humor and lot of patience to deal with my really bad temper. Of course He also have to love me no matter what!

Book Crushes: Harry Potter (all), The fault in our stars, Catching fire,...

Currently watching: TEEN WOLF,The 100, Arrow,Once upon a time,Modern Family, Kyle XY, Tomorrow People, How I met your mother,...

Obsessed with these bands/singers: Artic Monkeys, Black Keys,Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars and Adele


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Hello darling,

I’m Filipa , I’ve 19 years old and I live in Portugal . If you want to know more about me go to my tab (on the left corner), if you want to see my photos click here.

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fun fact: I LOVE when people use my name when sending me nice messages :)